【SOHU】Retro fashion styling - 2U Loca charger

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     Modern people can not do without the digital life, and the power consumption of mobile digital devices has become a relatively helpless in the digital life. Family get togethers, business travel, we have encountered the charger is not enough, or power jack nervous problems, then you will want to, if there is a can at the same time to the charger for charging a plurality of devices, today jasmine to introduce this loca 2U charging progressing is such a dual port charger.

Loca is a focus of mobile intelligent peripheral products manufacturers, multiport charger is loca's flagship product, in the following loca 4U successfully promoted to the market, this year also introduced the more compact and practical charger products loca 2U, loca 2U is a suitable for traveling people use a dual port charger, concise fashion, small and portable, let 2U replenisher is different.

2U LOCA parameter:

Input: 100-240V

Output: 2.1A, 5V

Heat: recuperative heat dissipation

Material: Babyskin+ABS

Rectification: second generation rectification scheme

Safety: seven heavy security

    Our common charger is black or white, 2U Loca's first feature is a colorful appearance: blue, black, red, white, light gray color, 5 colors, the color of the box is the color of the internal product, small series received this is gray. Full English on the box has been a product of the appearance of the show, plus a large USB and 2, even if you do not understand English can understand the use of the box products. Plus 4 photo identification: courier charge, fine manufacturing, dual U output, security protection, the initial understanding of the characteristics of this product.

   Maybe someone will ask, why are English signs it, because Loca is a company in Hongkong, the current 2U Loca products are also English packaging.

    Compared to the loca 4U series, loca 2U more portable, 5.5*3.85*1.95c size measurements of a, the appearance of simple and smooth, folding plug design, only 45g of ultra light weight. Surface for ABS material, and coated with BABYSKIN feel oil, delicate lubrication, the first contact will have a very deep impression, can be said to be the feel of the touch of the best.

     Loca2U, USB 5V output, support for 0.5~2.1A output, automatic matching is charged to the safe range of the device to output, fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.

     2U Loca also has a unique technical processing program, the next generation cooling system, the patent level rectifier, smart shunt chip, and over current protection, to the full range of mobile phone charging security protection, so that mobile phones, not damage.

     Plug folding design, in use, and the switch has the same feeling. Blue USB interface, let me think of the general standard of USB3.0 data color, but also a unique design, special design also has a special feature, the use of imported USB module 2U LOCA, compared with ordinary USB port current loss 30%.

     A  small charger should have done so, to the "fashion, personality, quality" as the design concept of 2U Loca, whether it is the product appearance, color collocation, process manufacturing, functional interpretation, are showing the brand personality. 2U Loca, the size of a match box, may become another essential item in your pack. Now many mobile phone brands have been canceled standard headphones, giving users more choice, I believe that in the near future, the charger will like a headset as disappeared in the standard, allow the user to select more personality, charger.