This is a “rigid demand”product Loca 4U Review

Published:2015-03-04    来源:路可科技     Share:

       There’s no denying that now is the best of times, the progress of science and technology allows us to experience a variety of digital products,that was really convenience for us. We are no longer use cassette player to listen the music, no need carry a bulky camera to take high-definition photo.What we need is a smartphone.Of course, now also is a worst of times,Why’s that?Well, because we’ve spent too much money for those digital products.


       Frankly,we depend on smartphone, we play the phone at home, office,even party.Well,the problem is one USB charger with one port,it's just not enough in daily use!But,LOCA 4 ports USB charger was born for solving this problem.

        Let’s first talk about LOCA,youthful and Innovative brand,pursue simple beauty in different aesthetic field.All product shape,color,function applications,distinctive packaging are unique style and highlights the brand personality.4U has a clean design that’s quite reserved in tone.

      Visually,isn’t too overdone in the flashier color tone,4 colors for option,blue,yellow,white and grey.

        Its size is something  we like as well and its overall design doesn't deviate much from the aesthetics.

        Each output with constant current,it offers quick-acting charging for variety of devices.Intelligent IC has 6.2A short-circuit protection, over current protection,current limiting protection.

        All output can fully compatible with 0.5A~2.1A wide current charging,can intelligent identify

current from different devices.For example,when charge for iPad,the output is 2A,when charger for iPod,the output will change to 0.5A.There is a LED indicator light between 4 ports,the blue light will on when the charger working,and turns red light if there is an exception.

       At the same time,its special clip design provides cable managment,just clamp to the edge of the desk make the surrounding more tidy.

Looking around its surface,it use frosted material,the touch feel just like babyskin!

         The charger is able to charge four devices at the same time,the 1.5M length cable is made of 62 pieces of 0.15mm pure cooper cables,can carry 6A current flow with full safety, standard power supply plug,AC 100V~240V suitable for global voltage.

        Overall, though, we wouldn’t go far to say that its quality is superb or the most attractive.But you’ll like it if you had variety of digital products .And honestly, who doesn’t want the charging process to be more streamlined than it already is?