【ZOL】Feel the actual use of fresh and refined LOCA N interface charger

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Mobile phone, tablet, mobile power also many, family put a pile of mobile phone adapter is really dominates the desktop space, but also makes the power flashboard overwhelmed.

Since the family bought the aika USB digital charger, everyone in the family boast good. But recently, back to his home in the summer, the original problem appeared again. The decisive Tmall from a loca USB charger charger.

The Loca USB digital charger packaging while not luxurious, but very delicate, do a gifts such as is absolutely eye margin.

This product I most like its shape, we can appreciate the picture below, from the time when the Tmall selected is also mainly look at the eye margin. The first time to see the appearance attracted me, but the main thing that I buy this product is absolutely not the reason. My first concern is the power of yo.

This product has 4 charging port, respectively 5V 2A port two, a 1A port, 0.5A Port A.

The first 3 export needless to say, is to the intelligent mobile phone, tablet, mobile power supply for young people, after all, a lot of equipment. 0.5A the mouth is often neglected, in fact there are many elderly home for feature phone chargers, they are generally the kind of 500mA, adapter current is 0.5A, and the elderly memory is not good, the house a total power supply equipment, take that line the old man put on the OK in the fourth mouth.

Get this product, fine workmanship of surprised me, though, is a plastic material, than I before using the product can not be compared, work materials process is first-rate.

Flat rectangular cable power line partially protected both toughness and material are very good, people feel very at ease.

Cable length is 1.5m, and the core conductor component within the cable is 99% pure copper, there are large current cable thinnet consisting of 62 root 0.15mm highest can bear 6A. (data query)

The joint part of the safe, stable processing workmanship is exquisite, high safety factor, really do not have to worry about the problem of service life.

The loca USB is the aesthetic appearance of the charger, do not do more to explain direct picture.

In the hand of this product is not large, so the usual home use or space saving.

Of course, this product also adopts the back clamp design a resilient, can put the safety of fixed on the edge of the table and other furniture, use plug line single hand can operate, but also to avoid the product off the ground.

Of course, power protection function must be strong, dare in Tmall shelves, inevitable overcurrent, overvoltage protection, full of power and such certification must be complete, otherwise impossible shelves. To illustrate these characteristics must be printed introduction, of course, these still need time to test, in such beautiful things let me open the test I was not willing to.

With a few days to talk about feelings, because buy is used, and is not to want to evaluate this product, so can put some feel the actual use to introduce.

A separate charge we normally used in mobile phone, charging speed is very fast for 1.5 hours to 2, 3 hours, of course, and we have a relationship of the mobile phone battery capacity. If filled with two speed will slow some, of course, 3 mouth filled with more slowly, but this is a normal phenomenon.

This is a real charging process, a 4800 Ma Huawei M1 plate, a 3200 Ma 100+ V6 mobile phone, a little pepper 5000 Ma mobile power supply. NND before going to sleep at night is inserted on the (of course is no electricity), was filled to 6 in the morning, with 8, 9 hours. Hee hee, in fact this speed has been very good, after all, is a large equipment, contentment.

Time of day temporary charging, inserted in the first two 2A port, speed and we with the charging adapter basic no gap. At night, the family can put their equipment inserted yo, go to sleep. Through the actual use, the most satisfactory is the product temperature control is very good, especially when, 4 devices inserted remains the same, a feeling of security, is more important than speed.