【Dgtle】A good helper of digital age

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I have been thinking about a problem, if suddenly power off a week, what our life will become? Digital filled with every corner of our life, whether you Is it right? Digital fancier, you must be more than a digital products, if you are like me is a digital fancier words, the digital products on more positive. While the power is the digital products of energy, no electricity, digital product is equivalent to a corpse. Quantity assurance becomes particularly important, digital products more, there will always be found everywhere on the desk is the charger and data lines, socket becomes inadequate, and very messy, charger is not at all beautiful. Fortunately, Loca recently out of a can at the same time for the 4 digital equipment charge 4U USB charger, from the 0.5A-2A equipment can be charging, very convenient. Has been troubling me the problem has been resolved, can not help but want to share my use of experience, let's see this stuff is or isn't ur style?

The outer packing box and the internal charger color is highly consistent, Loca 4U charger consists of three colors: white, yellow, blue, very beautiful fashion. I bought a blue version, color and color of the packaging box inside the charger is exactly like, do a high degree of unity.

The outer packing box of the side and back simple record relevant data charger, because Loca is a company founded in Hongkong, focus on the mobile phone accessories manufacturers, packaging box explanations are English, go is the international route. The box on the back of a two-dimensional Loca code, can use mobile phone to scan.

In order to facilitate carrying, top packing box with a small handle. As a section of more than 100 grams of the charger, the handle more or a decorative role.

Open the packing box, inside in addition to the charger is a simple instructions. The back is the official two-dimensional code, open the details after the charger, the current output of each interface, various functional charger are detailed presented here.

Loca 4U the main stage: fashion beautiful and easy to use the charger

The box look good, but the box, charger is not good-looking, is my attention. Design of Loca 4U charger is very compact, square at the same time, both sides have radian treatment, the overall design simple and beautiful. Mark only the Loca intermediate embellishment, overall reflects the simple beauty. The blue color is very beautiful fashion, on the desk, add some summer colorful world feeling.

Loca 4U in addition to the front design seen above, on the back and a back clamp design, can be clamped at your convenient place, whether it is on the table is still hanging in the air, can do, you want to see how to play. But the overall use of is a kind of environmental friendly corrosion resistant materials, more safe and reliable. Officially this is one has the beautiful curve of the clamps, the curve is certainly some advantages, not beautiful to see you love or not love, but I quite like, so in my here is still beautiful. For, although the folder is a curve, but if you flat on the table, is very level, that you don't have to worry about.

How to use the clip holding? So, where can clip folder, there.

I just shared experience, not written evaluation, so the data is not so accurate. Generally give you the impression, know that things have much good. The overall feeling is still quite small, not is a heavy guy, travel with it is very convenient, this is my dear ever measured, really good. A return to the hotel, a few machines together with the charging socket is not enough, also need not worry again, Is it right? Travel necessary?

Said 1V4, since there is this, I to those of other 1V1 charger all retired, Loca 4U a charger is enough.

Charging line Loca 4U is now more popular noodle shaped and round, as for what is the difference, this would have to ask to learn this stuff, I personally think is more beautiful, more unified and charger design, don't look down I'm appearance Association of kazakhstan. The official said was pure copper wire of 62 root 0.15mm (is the analysis of pure or chemically pure, forgive me is uninhibited engineering students) to create, the length of 1.5m, is the industry of conscience, the length is very convenient. Receiving line at the same time the escort is also necessary, do not need too long time, really need to receive it.