【Corporate Gifts Custom Process】

1, the communication needs of selected commodities(each of 100 or more)

Communication Gift customization needs to ensure to achieve the most intimate gift customization.

2, Provide material quantity body design

Tailored according to the material, including text, logo signs, design renderings.

3, the effect of sampling to determine the design

Depending on the product design renderings for sample production, confirm the effect, modify, and ultimately determine the best results.

4 to determine the cooperation contract

Determine the design options, with the Division I sign a formal purchase contract, our company according to schedule production, packaging, distribution and other processes.

5, payment customized production

Payment of the corresponding payment, arrange gifts production.

6, logistics acceptance of delivery

Equipped with the most timely, secure logistics, cargo confirmation only after acceptance!

7, the national sales assured guarantee

The company will provide you with a comprehensive after-sales service, to create the highest quality, most personalized and most intimate gift customized services.