Query Step

Please scratch the surface layer of security labels, security password for 20 yuan, check product authenticity.

If you are looking for the road to genuine product, you will be prompted the search criteria is Bai Shi electronic agent of the road may be genuine, thank you for your purchase and wish you a pleasant, thank you.

If you are looking for non-road to genuine product or make a mistake, you will be prompted to enter the security password is incorrect, please verify and then enter, beware of fake, thank you.

If the password has been inquired about security, it will prompt the security password was XX XX XX, XX XX seconds was first query, it is XX, queries, Beware of imitations, thank you.

Please enter the security password 20

How to Find Products Anti virtual yard?

You can find the product or its packaging as shown anti-counterfeiting labels, scratch the surface you can get 20 security password 


Security check mode?


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