LOCA - Focus on the design and development of mobile power

LOCA - Design of dedicated mobile power supply



      LOCA is a pursuit of individuality, fashion brand smart phone peripheral products. The company built the Ministry of freedom, the trend of Hong Kong, an international city. LOCA team of young vigorous, proactive, committed to meet the pursuit of trendy young family and senior white-collar workers needs to provide unlimited surging power of dreams.

      Mobile technology constantly updated, changing our work and living habits. We have been studying new solutions to meet the new phones, tablets, game consoles, music players in the use of needs and strive to create better products, the latest mobile technology into the work and life, for your convenience, easy Use!

      We designed a unique profile, "high-quality, unique, fashion" as a concept, so it is the product shape, color, function applications, distinctive packaging are unique style, reveal passionate whims of brand personality.

      2012, LOCA formally entered the Chinese mainland market, launched the first series of products - LOCA action power for consumers with quality products and professional services. Just one exit on the hot pursuit by the market. In digitized in real life, we will whole-heartedly, and strive to become your favorite good brand.

      LOCA always pursue a more perfect design, more stable quality.



    Focus on product design, personality, fashion is the main theme

    Products to be lined in a competitive marketplace goods, first to rely on appearance. The company has done a lot in product design talent investment, the establishment of a young, professional design team, LOCA products will always take the simple stylish design with colorful combinations to highlight the product personality.

    Build first-class product quality, establish a reputation with quality

    All products will be honest LOCA for the guidelines, with the A grade material and exquisite workmanship to create first-class products, all products will implement a comprehensive quality control system: feed quality inspection (IQC) → process inspection (IPQC / PQC) → thorough quality inspection [including packaging, performance, appearance, etc.] (FQC)

    High-end consumers are the main target customers

    Mobile phone users as an example, the use of mobile phones in more than 1,500 yuan price consumers are our target customers. Such consumers are more willing to spend 100-200 dollars to buy a more stylish look, better quality products.



    Build a complete product line, synchronous market new trends

    LOCA will focus on mobile intelligent peripheral parts of the main line, the flagship mobile power products, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand, such as: Bluetooth, wireless storage ... LOCA enrich the product line.



◇ Positioning: clear product positioning, target market, target customers clear;

◇ Appearance: Professional design team to create private model, providing customers with unique and exclusive products;

◇ Price: independent research and development, homegrown, more sustainable competitiveness;

◇ Quality: All products have passed the national certification standards related to quality, quality and more secure;

◇ Services: All products are implemented National Warranty service.



◇ physical channels is the key: LOCA channel plan, the entity is always a focus of the development, at all levels of physical security dealers are only making money;

◇ regional exclusive agent system: To protect the long-term interests of the business, the company implemented the regional exclusive agent system, and agents to establish a community of interests, and the implementation of strict regional protection policy;

◇ price system: Executive agent price, wholesale price, retail price, online lowest price; ensure that agents have reasonable profit margins; and strictly regulate the network lowest guide price;

◇ marketing investment: Global marketing support, marketing support and customization.